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25 Day Pokemon Challenge

Route 13. Who is your favorite rival? Least favorite?

Since Paul only exists in the anime, I’m uncertain if he counts as a rival, but I’ll say he’s my favorite. He just looks so cool and cold. Although he used to be a big jerk, I liked how he developed as a character. First he treated his pokemon badly and released them if they weren’t good enough or lost. Unlike Ash who did the opposite. Secondly, he trained Chimchar too harshly because he wanted it to unleash its’ true power. That scene kind of made me sad. In the end, he became a little bit nicer. I believe he plans on changing the way he trains his pokemon, but I’m not so sure. I like him because he’s an anti-hero.

I don’t hate Brendan, but he definitely isn’t my favorite. Mostly because his Grovyle always kills my Marshtomp. Before reaching Mauville City, the battle was the biggest challenge for me.